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21:58, 8 May 2013 Southernblottanalysis.png (file) 836 KB Only one mating type gene pair remains in the somatic nucleus. Southern blot analysis was carried out using whole-cell genomic DNA from a mature strain of each mating type (SB4208, SB4211, SB4214, SB4217, SB4220, and SB4223; see Table S1). The DNA was ... 1
21:38, 8 May 2013 Growth rates.png (file) 103 KB Growth (doubling times in YPAD) of control diploid, haploids (pink), their auto-diploid derivatives (green), and heterozygous, mating products I × III and I × IV (purple). Error bars reflect one standard deviation from the mean. *P < 0.01... 1
22:21, 24 April 2013 Sex Map.png (file) 49 KB Phylogenetic Map of a proposed evolution of sexual reproduction in eukaryotic Microbes. Dacks, J. and A. Roger. 1998. The First Sexual Lineage and the Relevance of Facultative Sex. J Mol Evol 48: 779-783. 1
22:03, 24 April 2013 Double Peaks.png (file) 66 KB An example of double peaks on an output of sequence data 1
20:48, 22 April 2013 Recombination during diplomixis.jpg (file) 116 KB Hypothetical model of homologous recombination during diplomixis of Giardia intestinalis. Carpenter, M.L., Z.J. Assaf, S. Gourguechon, and W.Z. Cande. 2012. Nuclear inheritance and genetic exchange without meiosis in the binucleate parasite Giardia int... 1
20:41, 22 April 2013 Mating types tetrahymena.png (file) 42 KB Display of the arrangement of the mating type genes at the MAT locus of Tetrahymena thermphila. 1
19:34, 22 April 2013 Giardia micrograph.jpg (file) 16 KB Fluorescence micrograph of a Giardia trophozoite stained with antibodies against tubulin (green), highlighting its eight flagella, and with DAPI (blue) to visualize the DNA in the two nuclei (Marianne Poxleitner, University of California, Berkeley). 1