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I really love the way you organize your website. Pictures are cool and everything looks nice. I am not sure why Group V is on the top of Higher Order Taxa, but maybe that a way to show taxa. Also, I think the reference is usually after the period, but maybe that does not matter a lot. There is an extra line above Viral Ecology and Pathology, and maybe you might want to delete it. Good job!! -Haofan

A very thorough page with great application!

This was such a multifaceted page-- it covers a great breadth of information, moving from in-depth look at the genome and virus itself, to broad look at the importance of controlling the virus in conservation efforts. I especially appreciated Figure 6! It was a great way to apply an experimental approach to such a broad topic of research. One thing I noticed was your "Description and Significance" section seems to be a bit redundant. For example, your description of the virus spread and the symptoms of the illness appear in two other places. It might help to replace this section with more history than overview. I can understand the urge to give a brief summary prior to jumping into the nitty gritty, but providing that specific info makes it less interesting when it appears again!

Great project! I loved the solutions you proposed. Kay Burrows

I had never heard of this virus, but I found your page fascinating! I particularly loved how you connected this specific virus to the broader world of wildlife conservation, and you even offered solutions, which are always enjoyable to read about. You really convinced me that your topic was important, and worthy of study in a broad range of contexts. Great job! - Fiona