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Lovely page, Alex! I enjoyed learning about the different NS1 secretion and retention rates based on species. My only suggestions are to make sure to italicize Flavivirus throughout because it is a genus name, and to clean up some of the longer sentences to make your meaning clearer. A specific example is at the end of your second paragraph for "NS1 Expression, post translational processing and trafficking" when you say "However, it might also be possible that the motif could affect hexamer formation making the dengue NS1 more efficient at hexamer formation which would make the higher rate of membrane binding a loss of function mutation." Additionally, in this subsection when reporting the findings of Ludert et al. it might flow slightly better if it were its own paragraph. - Sarah Adrianowycz

Awesome page Alex! I couldn't resist reading considering I wrote about yellow fever so I really found your page interesting. I hadn't come across information about the NS1 secretion when I was researching so its really cool. You do an amazing job describing the virus' structure as well as the NS1 protein's structure as well which makes understanding the topic a lot easier. In terms of suggestions, I don't think there is much to fix. But if you had to add anything, I agree with what Sarah said above but in addition I might also like a figure about the immunofluorescent experiment was done by Youn et al. (2010). With most immunofluorescent results, the graphics that are presented by the paper tend to be really interesting and are very visual so it would be a nice reference to understand the NS1 accumulation. -Kei Helm