Talk:Life on Mars

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I really enjoyed the opening section with all the science fiction references to Mars. Its a really good way to pull the reader in and I know it captured my attention. However, I am a little surprised at the lack of photographs of Mars throughout this article. Some pictures of the soil and the whole planet would be great visual aids. I also think using some specific examples of microbes on Earth that are comparable to those expected to have survived on Mars would be interesting. It could help to add some information about any future research goals on Mars, as well.

Overall I thought it was a very well done project and very interesting as well. I really enjoyed the introduction. It was very catchy and made you want to read on. I really liked the photo of the water condensing on the leg of the Phoenix lander. It was cool to see an actual photograph taken on mars included in your assignment. However don't forget to number your photos. I also liked the organization of the separate mars missions, although I would suggest putting them in chronological order (Just a suggestion). One minor thing i caught was in the Mars Express Mission you placed one too many back brackets around (Gouche et al. 2011). Great Job! Beau Calcei

Just like the first comment, I really enjoyed your sci-fi introduction section. Your sections are very well organized-- maybe you can arrange the content of your "Notable Mars Missions and Findings" section in sub-sections so the readers can jump easily to whichever they want to go when re-visiting (plus, it will also make your table of content more explanatory). Also, figures need to be numbered. Overall, good job!