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This is a nicely constructed paper. You successfully introduce the virus, why it is important (biological warfare), and there is even a cultural connection to the virus (Contagion). The information is easy to follow and understand. I might have added more about the virus genome and its reproduction. The fun fact is appreciated but I'm not sure it should have its own section. If you were to give the movie a section, you should try to tie in the plot with facts about the virus. Overall, a good paper. -Rodney Tucker


Your wiki has a lot of great information, covering virtually all aspects of the Nipah virus. Your introduction gave a great background of this type of virus; although, you may consider introducing your virus into that context a little bit sooner in the intro. The information you give on the morphology of the virus was well presented and easy to read. Also, I think the sections about the outbreaks might go best at the end after all of the background information has been given. The only other critique I could make is maybe look to improve the flow in some places; I just thought the language might have gotten a little awkward here and there. Beyond that, good job. -Connor Gibbons