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Very interesting page, Rhea! This page is well written and narrows in on your specific topic while highlighting precisely how and why PRRSV research is relevant and important. The section on the treatment of the virus showing how the virus is most effectively mediated through a "stabilization" method was interesting to me. For a virus with such notable economic impacts it is surprising that a more effective MLV that could better cope with mutations in the virus has not been developed. However, due to the quick rate of mutation in this virus that is makes sense that pin pointing an effective MLV across the board would be difficult. You did a wonderful job of showing why further research on this subject is vital and could be applied to a whole host of similar viruses -Sean

This is very interesting, and the implications of the viral infection are very real. You did a very good job in explaining how this understanding this virus is relevant. This is a difficult topic, but I think you did a very good job of explaining it. Also, your selection of figures was good and made it a lot easier for me to understand your text. Overall, good job! - Issam