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First thing is to label you figures with something such as "Figure 1." and then the description, and then reference the figure within the main text of the page. I would also suggest that you use a footnote type of citation within the page. This can be done by placing this code [1] with the number corresponding to the number of the reference in your reference list. Also I would make sure that you hyperlink your sources to the webpage where they are present if that is a possibility. This can be achieved by simply pasting the web address at the end of your citation. Otherwise this is a great paper and I really enjoyed learning about how this new microbe functions and affects animals. -Blake Calcei

This is a very interesting topic and a well constructed page. I would say that you can hyperlink to the sources of your references, possibly within the text itself as well as the references section. Also you can make different sections and subsections within your text by changing the number of equal signs for example (see below) and this will be useful for the "how T gondii infects Host Cells" section. This will make your page seem more cohesive and give it a more professional look. Also allows your readers to jump from the contents section at the top of your page to specific sections. Overall very good page with great figures and a lot of background information which was important for establishing a foundation on which you could build off of.


Subsection 1

Sub-Sub Section

Subsection 2