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Really interesting page, Kei. You have a lot of information and it's very well organized. My only suggestions would be to do some proof reading/rewording and reformat a bit. For example your sentence: "An interesting observation that has been observed in studying the midzonal hepatocytes is that the much of the cell death in the area are attributed to apoptosis rather than lytic necrosis of the tissue," gets a little muddy.Also, there are a few places where you didn't italicize species names and your figures could fit into your sections a little better. That really isn't a big deal, I just think it would make your page a little prettier. - Alex Gonzales

Very intriguing page. I also appreciate the organization of your information as well as the quality of said information. However, I do think some proof reading would go a long way; there are many instances of small grammatical errors, but they add up (ie you use "YF" as an abbreviation before you tell us what "YF" stands for). Additionally, there are some sentences that could use some revision for clarification, such as "It is at this point in which symptoms such as jaundice (referred to earlier), bleeding, and organ failure." It may also be beneficial to talk more about the YF-17D vaccine's structure and functioning more (if possible, you did mention not much is known about it). Overall, good topic and nice setup- just fix some little things and you should be good to go!

-Dominic Camperchioli