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Baltimore Classification

Higher order taxa


Description and Significance

Ampullaviridae gets its name from the Latin "ampulla" for bottle because of the unique bottle-shaped morphology of the virions. Such a shape had not been previously observed in the viral world. In the Ampullaviridae, the complex morphotype of asymmetric virions, lacking elements of regular helical symmetry, with two completely different structures at each end and an envelope encasing a funnel-shaped core suggests that such a complex morphotype facilitates infection.

Genome Structure

Virion Structure of an Ampullaviridae

Reproductive Cycle of an Ampullaviridae in a Host Cell

Viral Ecology & Pathology


Monika Haring, Reinhard Rachel, Xu Peng, Roger A. Garrett, David Prangishvili; "Viral Diversity in Hot Springs of Pozzuoli, Italy, and Characterization of a Unique Archaeal Virus, Acidianus Bottle-Shaped Virus, from a New Family, the Ampullaviridae"; Journal of Virology; August 2005