BIOL 116 Index 2019

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Pages authored by BIOL 116 class, Fall 2019

Bella Stevens, Coral restoration
Beimnet Beyene Kassaye, Mitochondrial DNA and Type II Diabetes Mellitus
Cassandra Lis, Sloth evolution
Carolyn Herbosa, Evolution of Dolphins
David Hamilton, Digestion in oysters
Hannah Schmidt, Danio Rerio Genetics
James Caython, Bacteroides fragilis
Jaidyn Cook, Owl Evolution
Daniel Frank, Lactose Tolerance
Madi Hamilton, Evolution in the Gulf of Maine
Eli Neal, Cryptococcosis
Meheret Ourgessa, Infanticide in Primates
Minh Pham, Natural Killer Cell
Nafeez Ishmam Ahmed, Addition of Telomerase to Somatic Cells
Scarlett Jones, Demodex folliculorum
Charlie Stutz, Korarchaeum cryptofilum
Thomas Kallarakal, Genetics of Multiple Sclerosis
Tillie Wang, Evolution of Dog Breeds
Yangyang Liu, Rabies Lyssavirus
Zora Moseley, Genetics of Egg Color in Chickens