BIOL 191 Index 2009

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The following projects were created in 2009 by members of the class BIOL 191 Global Health: First-year Seminar.

Tuberculosis in Children in Developed Countries by Jill Hanley
Refugee Health by Lily Bullitt
MRSA in Athletes by Robert Wennemer
Tuberculosis in Russian Prisons by Christopher Murphy
Public Health Measures Against HPVby Emily Shapiro
Tuberculosis in Children in Developing Countries by Stephanie White
Ebola virus by Andi Asimes
AIDS Dementia by Patricia Arehart
Toxoplasmosis and Global Health by Lizzie Leonard
HIV/AIDS and Women's Health by Kirkley Doyle
Syphilis in Sub-Saharan Africa by Caitlin Barker
HPV Virology and Treatment by Kathryn Chobanian
Necrotizing Fasciitis (flesh eating bacteria ) by Tove Poussette
MRSA as a Public Health Concern in Medical Facilities by Tommy Brown

Projects by students of Joan Slonczewski for BIOL 191 Microbiology, 2009, Kenyon College.