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Baltimore Classification

Higher order taxa

Viruses; Retro-transcribing viruses; Caulimoviridae; Badnavirus


Banana streak GF virus, Banana streak OL virus, Sugarcane bacilliform IM virus, Taro bacilliform virus (examples)

Description and Significance

Genome Structure

The genome is not segmented and contains a single molecule of circular. The genome is -Rt and it is a double-stranded DNA that forms an open cicle. The complete genome is sequenced and 7200-76000 nucleotides long. The genome guanine+cytosime content is 39.6-44.1 %. The genome has terminally redundant sequences that have direct terminal repeats and are reiterated internally in inverted form. (source: ICTV dB Descriptions)

Virion Structure of a Badnavirus

The virions of a badnavirus consist of a capsid that is not enveloped. The capsid is elongated and exhibits an icosahedral symmetry. The capsid is bacilliform and the capsid shells of the virions are composed of multiple layers. They are 95-130 nm long, or 60-900 nm, and 24-30-35 nm wide. (source: ICTV dB Descriptions)

Reproduction Cycle of a Badnavirus in a Host Cell

Viral Ecology & Pathology