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Baltimore Classification

Higher order taxa

Viruses; ssRNA positive-strand viruses, no DNA stage; Bromoviridae; Bromovirus


Broad bean mottle virus, Brome mosaic virus, Cassia yellow blotch virus, Cowpea chlorotic mottle virus, Spring beauty latent virus

Description and Significance

The genus Bromovirus is one of five genera in the Bromoviridae family. It has a tripartite genome and an encapsidated subgenomic RNA from which the coat protein is expressed.

Some members of the virus are transmitted by beetles while the virus is readily transmissible experimentally by mechanical inoculation. (source: Plant Viruses Online)

Genome Structure

Virion Structure of a Bromovirus

Reproduction Cycle of a Bromovirus in a Host Cell

Viral Ecology & Pathology


Plant Viruses Online