Fungal keratitis

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1. Introduction

a. Description and Significance

2. Pathology

a. Organisms

How does this organism cause disease? Human, animal, plant hosts? Virulence factors, as well as patient symptoms.

3. Pathophysiology

4. Clinical Features

a. Symptoms

b. Diagnosis

5. Treatment and Prevention/ Prognosis

6. Current Research

Include information about how this microbe (or related microbes) are currently being studied and for what purpose

7. References

It is required that you add at least five primary research articles (in same format as the sample reference below) that corresponds to the info that you added to this page. [Sample reference] Faller, A., and Schleifer, K. "Modified Oxidase and Benzidine Tests for Separation of Staphylococci from Micrococci". Journal of Clinical Microbiology. 1981. Volume 13. p. 1031-1035.