Leeuwenhoekiella marinoflava

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Source text
16S rRNA accession # IMG Genome ID:: [[]]
Family Family:: [[]]
Genus Genus:: [[]]
Species Species:: [[]]
Strain Strain:: [[]]

Genetic characteristics

Genome size: [[Genome size::{{{Genome size}}}]] [[{{{Genome size source text}}}]]
%G+C: Percent size::size=25 [[{{{Percent G plus C source text}}}]]
Other genetic characteristics: [[Other genetic characteristics::{{{Other genetic characteristics}}}]] [[{{{Other genetic characteristics source text}}}]]

Morphological features

Cell shape Cell shape:: [[]]
Pigments Pigments:: [[]]
Cell wall Cell Wall:: [[]]
Motility motility:: [[]]
Biofilm formation biofilm formation:: [[]]

Environmental parameters

Habitat isolated from habitat:: [[]]
Oxygen use oxygen use:: [[]]
Salinity preference salinity preference:: [[]]
pH minimum pH minimum::
pH optimum pH optimum::
pH maximum pH maximum:: [[]]
Temperature minimum Temperature minimum::
Temperature optimum Temperature optimum::
Temperature maximum Temperature maximum:: [[]]
NaCl minimum NaCl minimum::
NaCl optimum NaCl optimum::
NaCl maximum NaCl maximum:: [[]]

Host microbe interactions

Host host:: [[]]
Symbiotic symbiotic:: [[]]
Pathogenic pathogenic:: [[]]
Disease caused Causes disease::
Metabolism (energy & carbon source)
Mono & di-saccharides mono & di-saccharides:: [[]]
Polysaccharides Polysaccharides:: [[]]
Amino acids Amino acids:: [[]]
Alcohols Alcohols:: [[]]
Fatty acids Fatty acids:: [[]]
Other energy or carbon sources MetabolizesOther:: [[]]

Metabolite products

Fermentation products Fermentation products:: [[]]
Polyalkanoates (plastics) Polyalkanoates:: [[]]
Other metabolic product Other metabolic product:: [[]]

Antibiotic characteristics

Antibiotic sensitivity Antibiotic sensitivity:: [[]]
Antibiotic resistant Antibiotic resistant:: [[]]

Peer review ready: [[Peer review ready::{{{Peer review ready}}}]] Peer review complete: [[Peer review complete::{{{Peer review complete}}}]]