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<center><h1>Welcome to MicrobeWiki</h1></center>
<center><h1>Aging Creatively in Academia</h1></center>
<center><h2> [[Microbial Biorealm]]  *  [[Viral Biorealm]]  *  [[Microbial World News]]  *  [[Microbial Mythology]]</h2></center>
'''MicrobeWiki''' is a free wiki resource on microbes and microbiology, edited by students and monitored by microbiologists at [http://www.kenyon.edu '''Kenyon College'''].  We invite you to use our Microbe Wiki to study the microbial world with us. You are encouraged to add information, after registering a [[Contact MicrobeWiki|'''free account''']]. <br><br>
'''Educators:''' You may assign MicrobeWiki page creation and editing as projects for your students.  We create a [[List of class template pages | template page]] for your assignment, which you may edit to meet your needs.  See for example the pages created by the following classes:
* BIMM120 Bacteriology, Dr. Rachel Larsen and Dr. Kit Pogliano, [[UCSD | University of California at San Diego]]
* BI 230 Microbiology, Dr. Kirk Bartholomew, [[Sacred Heart University]]
* MB 103 Introductory Topics in Microbiology, [http://www.mbio.ncsu.edu/JWB/home.html James Brown], NC State University (student pages in progress)
Your students receive individual passwords.  Assessment and "grading" are up to you; after your class is over, we review pages for our standards.  Students of all levels, from first-year to graduate students, have contributed pages to our site.<br><br>
'''MicrobeWiki''' includes these modules:<br>
'''[[Microbial Biorealm]]''': encylopedia of bacteria, archaea and eukaryotic microbes.  See also [[Taxonomy Index]].<br>
'''[[Viral Biorealm]]''': encyclopedia of viruses of animals and plants, and bacteriophages.  See also [[Taxonomy Index]].<br>
'''[[Microbial World News]]''': highlights of microbiology in the news.<br>
'''[[Microbial Mythology]]''': common errors and controversies in microbiology.<br>
=== Managing Editor ===
[http://biology.kenyon.edu/HHMI/Barich.pdf '''Daniel Barich '05''']
=== Kenyon Student Editors ===
Kristina Buschur, '11, Ryo Tashiro '09, Molly Schlemmer '08, Shrochis Karki '09, Drew Taber<sup>3</sup>, Allison Whipple '06, Zeva Levine<sup>1</sup>, Laura Damon-Moore<sup>1</sup>, Ariel Kahrl<sup>2</sup>, Hannah Sacks '08, Michael Stulberg '05, Casey M. Smith '06, and Shana Scogin '07
Advisor: [mailto:slonczewski@kenyon.edu Joan Slonczewski], [http://biology.kenyon.edu Biology Dept], [http://www.kenyon.edu Kenyon College]<br />
Guest editors from <sup>1</sup>[http://www.beloit.edu// Beloit], <sup>2</sup>[http://www.oberlin.edu/ Oberlin], and <sup>3</sup>[http://www.cuc.edu Columbia Union College].<br />
Funded by [http://biology.kenyon.edu/HHMI/ HHMI] awards to Kenyon College, 2000, 2004.
'''Copyright notice.''' Readers may view, browse, and/or download material for
noncommercial personal purposes. Please credit our site for use. Materials on our site obtained with permission from other sources require permission from those sources<br> for further reproduction.
'''Disclaimer.''' Information on this site is provided solely for educational purposes. Medical questions should be referred to a physician.

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