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<b>Microbial Ecology by Students of Jay Lennon, Indiana University</b><br>
<b>Microbial Ecology by Students of [https://microbes.sitehost.iu.edu/ Jay Lennon], Indiana University</b><br>
[[Alcanivorax]] by Andrew Buss, 2010<br>
[[Alcanivorax]] by Andrew Buss, 2010<br>

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Microbial Ecology by Students of Jay Lennon, Indiana University

Alcanivorax by Andrew Buss, 2010
Allochromatium vinosum by Anthony Rademacher and Polly Saavedra, 2010
Amoeba proteus by Jules Patry and Megan Robb, 2011
Azoarcus tolulyticus by Eric Tovar and Alyse Waldhorn, 2011
Bacillus pumilus by Michael Chamberlain, James Chang, and Daniel Charlat, 2012
Caldivirga maquilingensis by Katelyn Prieskorn, Elgin Paul Quebral, Mitchel Reed, and Grace Rodriguez, 2012
Candidatus Accumulibacter Phosphatis by Johanna Kinsler and Kevin Koryto, 2015
Candidatus Cardinium by Benjamin Lowe & Brian Lovett, 2011
Candidatus Chloracidobacterium thermophilum by Ahmad Farhan and Anadumaka V. Chike, 2008
Chlorobium ferrooxidans by Paul Giordano and Apram Ghuman, 2010
Chloroflexus aurantiacus by Eric Mrozek and Bob Moore, 2010
Clavibacter michiganensis by Ninh Hoang and Katherine Ivens, 2010
Clostridium cellulovorans by Umesh Adhikari and Joe Araiz, 2011
Cryptomonas by Allison Cutter and Alexandra David, 2010
Denitrovibrio acetiphilus by Rodney Tocco, Minh Tran, Samantha Wengert, and Eric Werner, 2012
Desulfohalophilus alkaliarsenatis by David Harsini and Torin Kulhanek, 2013
Desulfomonile tiedjei by Zachary Ferguson, Jamie Gamby, Ryan Gardner, Joshua Goldston, 2012
Dietzia cinnamea by Jennifer Jury and Elizabeth Karinen, 2011
Ferroplasma acidiphilum by Nathan I. Johns and Indumathy Jayamani, 2010
Flavobacterium denitrificans by Kate Glanville & Di Liang, 2013
Flavobacterium hibernum by Geoffrey Grzesiak, Matthew Herman, Andrea Hoffman, and Megan Hofmeister, 2012
Fusarium oxysporum by Andrew Smith and Andrew Smedley, 2011
Gemmata obscuriglobus by Michael Bowe and Ryan Quenneville, 2013
Geoglobus ahangari by Abigail Entz and Sara Dolmetsch, 2011
Geothermobacter ehrlichii by Rhonda Sohocki and Carlos Salgado, 2010
Haliangium ochraceum by Alyse Egner and Melissa Erickson, 2010
Halorhabdus utahensis by Elliot Swift, Mark Sherrill, Matt Stoloff, Hannah Arnett, 2012
Lactobacillus plantarum by Stephanie LaHaye and Jason McIntyre, 2010