Microbial Life (Biology 187S)

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Spring 2013 Microbial Life Student Pages

Title and Author

Sebastian Aguiar

Lyndsay Bergus

Lydia dePillis-Lindheim

Cforster1546 by Claire Forster

Ebola Transmission by Victoria Gawlik

Mehar Kaur

Zoe Kiklis

Coral bleaching and climate change by Kendall Kritzik

Alison Lerner

Tea Tree Oil Treatment of MRSA by Karen Leung

Spiroplasma_poulsonii by Jennifer Martin

Claire Mazahery

User talk:Tara.McIntyre.13 by Tara McIntyre

User talk:Pmedina0098 by Paloma Medina

Hannah Moore

Acanthamoeba polyphaga by Alexa Moy

Justine Oesterle

Katie Pruett

User:Enrique RodriguezRubio by Enrique Rodriguez Rubio

Oliver Smith

Jaclyn Smrecek

Amy Tran

Microalgal symbionts by Breanna Walker

Hannah Whittemore