Microbial Life (Biology 187S)

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Spring 2013 Microbial Life Student Pages

Title and Author

User talk:Phillip Aguiar14 by Sebastian Aguiar

Lyndsay Bergus

Plasmodium Falcuparum Control Strategies by Lydia dePillis-Lindheim

User:Cforster1546 by Claire Forster

Ebola Transmission by Victoria Gawlik

Mehar Kaur

User talk:Zkiklis3199 by Zoe Kiklis

Coral bleaching and climate change by Kendall Kritzik

User talk:ALerner13 Alison Lerner

Tea Tree Oil Treatment of MRSA by Karen Leung

Spiroplasma_poulsonii by Jennifer Martin

Dengue virus envelope proteins by Claire Mazahery

User talk:Tara.McIntyre.13 by Tara McIntyre

The Significance of Thermophiles in Astrobiology by Paloma Medina

User talk:Hmoore2262 by Hannah Moore

Acanthamoeba polyphaga by Alexa Moy

Virus Selection for Lithium Ion Battery Formation by Justine Oesterle

Katie Pruett

User:Enrique RodriguezRubio by Enrique Rodriguez Rubio

[[1]] Oliver Smith

User talk:Jsmrecek4959 by Jaclyn Smrecek

SARS-CoV nsp7 and nsp8 by Amy Tran

Microalgal symbionts by Breanna Walker

Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG (ATCC 53103) and its Probiotic Use by Hannah Whittemore