Microbial Science Fiction

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Most of MicrobeWiki consists of factual pages on microbiology for Microbial Biorealm and Viral Biorealm. Several pages tagged Microbial Science Fiction were authored for the Fall 2006 Biology in Science Fiction web project of Gilad Barlev and Molly Schlemmer. The Science Fiction tag is intended to highlight information on this website that is of a fictional nature and not intended for science study. Any future pages created on the MicrobeWiki for the purposes of a fictional project should have this tag at the bottom of the page:

<small>This page has been tagged [[Microbial Science Fiction]].</small>

Any images used in fictional projects should also have a link to the Microbial Science Fiction page. The Microbial Science Fiction page should be edited as well, to add the newly tagged pages to the Tagged Pages list.

Tagged Pages

Leda Asamov
Great Pandemic of 2049