Photobacterium leiognathi

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The Microbial Biorealm

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A Microbial Diversity Resource


Ryo Tashiro '09, Molly Schlemmer '08, Shrochis Karki '09, Allison Whipple '06, Zeva Levine1, Laura Damon-Moore1,
Ariel Kahrl2, Hannah Sacks '08, Michael Stulberg '05, Casey M. Smith '06, and Shana Scogin '07

Advisor: Joan Slonczewski, Biology Dept, Kenyon College
Guest authors from 1Beloit;2Oberlin
Funded by
HHMI awards to Kenyon College, 2000, 2004

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Review from Focus on Microbiology Education
Jennifer L. Taylor, authors. Licensed for use, ASM MicrobeLibrary

Recommended Sites:
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NCBI Microbial Genomes
The Prokaryotes: An Evolving Electronic Resource
LBSN List of Bacterial Names
MB409 Microbial Diversity

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