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List of topics

  1. Nitrogen cycle including GHG
  2. Carbon cycle including GHG, decomp, soil OM
  3. Geomicrobiology - other elements
  4. Rhizosphere: environment and mycorrhizal fungi
  5. Soil environment and physical factors controlling microbial activity
  6. Flooded soils
  7. Bioremediation


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Irina C

Describe briefly the process you will address and the significance of soil microorganisms in the process (what functions do they perform?).

Process - key points

Describe the process, using as many sections/subsections as you require. Look at the list of other topics. Which involve processes similar to yours? Create links where relevant.

Subsection 1

Subsection 1a

Subsection 1b

Subsection 2

Key Microorganisms

Examples of organsims within the group

Current Research

Enter summaries of recent research here--at least three required


[Sample reference] Takai, K., Sugai, A., Itoh, T., and Horikoshi, K. "Palaeococcus ferrophilus gen. nov., sp. nov., a barophilic, hyperthermophilic archaeon from a deep-sea hydrothermal vent chimney". International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology. 2000. Volume 50. p. 489-500.

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