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  • ...d then re-upload the file to the site. Then just replace the old file name with the new one in your image link. It worked for me, so hopefully that will he There might be little mistake. And we can directly adjust our file using html tag like '''300px'''. [[User:Jokang|Sungho]] 22:36, 22 March 200
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  • {{Curated}}[[File:SphingRods.jpg|thumb||600px||right|Figure 1. <i>Sphingomonas wittichii</i>, [[File:SphingTree.jpg|thumb|left|Figure 2. Phylogenetic tree showing the four clus
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  • [[File:Cyanobacteria 2.jpg|thumb||500px||right|Figure 2. Cyanobacteria can be foun ...yanobacterial thylakoid membrane. In particular, phycocyanin is associated with cyanobacteria, as it is responsible for the blue-green appearance for which
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