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Great job showing the importance of the research in AbMV by connecting the virus to both agricultural impact as well as the parallels of human diseases. I really liked the procedural descriptions you included, such as how two plants are grafted together to observe the transference of the disease. Great idea making an appendix, very organized way to elaborate on complex information and still allow you paper to be smooth and comprehensible to read. For the appendix numbering, it might be helpful to turn them into subscript or superscript, just so they don't clash with your source numbers. The piece about Hawaiian strains you included in the transmission section was pretty cool, showing that one virus can be both transmitted and observed in completely different ways, highlighting the importance of nucleic acid information. Awesome paper, I really enjoyed reading it. -Ethan Hanson

This paper has a lot of potential with some polishing. i would like to see specific data coming with your claims. You could refer to some research saying perhaps why botanists like these infected plants. Also, you could change things like botanist to botanists and italicize the names of species. You could also use links in your in text citations instead of writing them out every time. I like your use of the appendix to explain things in laymans terms for a reader not familiar with the topic. I also enjoyed the formatting and organization of your paper. With some polishing and added information, your words will really fly off the page. -Alan Brennan