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I really felt this paper struck a great balance between containing enough scientific information/detail and using language that was intuitively easy to understand for someone who is not very familiar with the subject matter. I also thought that the subheadings for the "Cell Structure and Function" and "Entry and Attack" sections were very useful in helping the reader understand the flow of the paper. Lastly, the diagram showing the life cycle of the vector was very informative.

- Sam Lisak

I really like the sections you broke your paper into, this made your writing easier to follow. Your figure placement was also very strategic. This added to the aesthetics of the page and allowed me to visualize the things you discussed in the text. For example when you talk about the unconventional cell structure of African sleeping sickness I could visualize the almost spirochete looking cell. It was helpful for every scientific term used, it was followed by a definition. I definitely felt as though I learned vocabulary after reading your page.

The "prevention" section of the paper to be most interesting. The idea that the best mode of prevention is to wear long sleeves and avoid the insect vectors, made me laugh. It gave me a sense that not all biological problems require a complicated solution. I also was able to understand that it is difficult to find a vaccine for a disease that is mainly transmitted through insects vectors.

-Deveren Manley II