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Great job, Sarah! I thought you did a nice job of tackling particularly difficult material with perceived ease and confidence. Your writing style is impressive, and it makes the article easy to read. I also liked how well you flowed from each section of the article so that there is a clear thread through the material. My only suggestion is that you include a figure that shows the appearance and/or structure of the Bacillus bacteria because it would be interesting to reference and help the audience visualize your points. -Mary Frazier Greene

This is an awesome wiki page Sarah! I definitely agree with Mary Frazier, your writing is really clear and makes a complicated topic pretty easy to understand. Overall, the page is well put together and nothing felt out of place. In terms of advice, I was thinking exactly what Mary Frazier said in that a photo of the bacteria and what they look like would definitely add to the page (maybe putting it in the first or second section). I would also say if you could find any figures on what the structure of the cry proteins looks like, it would be good too. Purely from an appearance point, adding a figure with some color would make the page look a bit more friendly to read. Also, you mention "B. thuringiensis DB27" in the last section but you never clarify what DB27 means, so clarifying that as well would be helpful.-- Kei Helm