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Non-native pathogens are so fun, aren't they? I really enjoyed your discussion of the illegal (and legal) pet trade and the impacts in can have on spreading diseases. I was sahd to learn about the lack of treatments available for this fungal infection.

To make the page easier to read, you could italicize the Latin names of the species you mentioned. Also, a few of the sections seemed to be accidentally code to be bold. -Jess Kotnour

This is an outstanding paper, capturing the "so what" element of global spreading pathogens, referring to mass amphibian extinction spread via global pet trade. Sharing the effect of how something so innocent can bring about major disruption to populations that come into new exposure with Bsal. Interesting how Bsal and Bd lack overlap in their respective niches. At section "Global Spread of Bsal", the text is bolded until the end. I'm not sure if this is intended to show research or if it is a mistake in the code. Very well written and an interesting yet sobering topic. -Ethan Hanson