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Overall the paper was clearly presented, well written, and held the attention of the reader. I thought the introduction was very clear and concise; it set up the paper well and laid out all of its contents. The background information was extremely helpful when reading the later sections describing the adhesion mechanisms and transmission from the tick to the host. I think it could have been beneficial to have a couple other figures to accompany the text about the adhesion mechanisms, although the figure located next to the section “transmission from tick to host” was all encompassing. Your references should still be linked. But very interesting topic and great paper! -Rebecca

This was very interested and easy to read. I thought it flowed nicely and made a lot of sense. There were a couple of gramatical errors and awkward sentences but overall WELL DONE! Some of the scientific names early on were not italicized and something didn't come through as the measurement in the introduction. I think you could also benefit from citing some of the medical stuff- symptoms and treatment were the sections I think. GOOD JOB!!!! ~Kiersten