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This was a really interesting topic! I just had a few suggestions: -It might be interesting to include side by side pictures of brain infected/not infected with prions in your intro. -Just to confirm: it says that BSE has a four year incubation period and that cows get it at 4-5 years, does that mean they were infected really early in life? -Maybe include an image of the structure of the drugs in question. -You could focus on one of the potential treatments you mention and go into some more detail on it, as well as including the info you already have about the others mentioned. -Since the bulk of your paper is about bovine encephalopathy, maybe not necessary to include the short sections about other diseases at the end. They could just be talked about in the intro. -Stephanie

The topic of your wiki page is something I have never heard about and I enjoyed reading about it. I do not have many suggestions that Stephanie did not touch one. One thing that I found a little confusing is the location of your pictures. At one point you are referencing Figure 4, but Figure 3 is right next to it. It is minor, but I think it might clear things up. Also, some of the pictures are referenced and some of them are not in the writing of your page. You have an entire section about the prion structure, but do not reference the picture within the writing. I think it would be good to reference it at least once (This is something I have to do too). One thing I really liked was the data/statistics you included. Overall, I think this was well written and I found it very interesting. -Alec McQuiston