Talk:CCR5, Delta-32 Mutation and its Role in the HIV Infection Pathway

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This is interesting surface protein. I understand the function of the protein but your analysis of the protein is still incomplete. You need more information on all the sections. I don't know a lot about this protein but your paper implies that the topic hasn't been researched well. This might not be the case because this is an area of interest to many scientists. I would suggest starting with your title: Come up with a title that can stand on its own, you also need to label your sections according to what you will be talking about. Generally, you picked a fun topic but a lot of work still need to be done to make it more interesting! PICTURES will help a lot!

That was my comment before you completed the paper. Generally, I think you have done a nice job at explaining the function of the surface protein and the effect of mutating CCR5. These are some few comments that I still have: Your title: It just mentions CCR5. I understand that this is what you are discussing but you should link it to the HIV virus and how mutation changes it. Most of your sections are short, they might use a bit more information. For example your introduction is short and it could use a bit of background information. You can talk about how they came to discover that some people had a mutation in their CCR5. Having more references will give you more information on the topic. Work on your concluding paragraph. Why are researchers still interested in CCR5, can it be transferred to other individuals?