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This is a cool virus, being that is has a 20 sided capsid and a strong 35s promoter. I did my page on the tobacco mosaic virus and there are several similarities, but the structure of each virus is very different. Its fascinating that researchers have found a way to use the CaMV promoter in biotechnology as well. Good job of explaining the aphid being used as a vector to infect these plants through damaged cells.

This page is very well written and explained and I though that you did a good job of informing the reader about the Cauliflower mosaic virus. One general suggestion to improve the page would be to maybe focus on a specific aspect of the virus instead of just learning about the virus. You wrote a small but interesting section on how the virus is used in biotechnologies and I think that you could expand on its uses in biotechs and maybe include some informative figures in that section. Some general proof reading is needed as well.-Alex Fazioli