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I found your wiki page very interesting and well written. There are a couple parts that you might want to look over, though. There are a couple times that the parasite's name is not italicized where I think it should be. Also, Some sentences seem repetitive. For example, the section "Development of Chloroquine Resistance in Plasmodium falciparum" sounds like you are saying the same things just in a different way. One thing that you could do to avoid this would possibly combine that section and "Mechanism of Chloroquine Resistance". That might clean things up a little bit. Another thing that might help your page flow better is to move the "Prevalence of Malaria in the World" section to below your introduction. This section is general information that I think would flow in nicely after your introduction.

Overall I think your page is very good. I think the figures you use are great and easy to understand which helps the reader more fully grasp the concept you are talking about. Good work! -Alec McQuiston