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T Money Bills, Your page looks pretty dang good. You did a great job covering case studies as well as symptoms and treatments. Very well put together and very informative. Also, I think your figures look very nice. Remember to mention your figures in the main text, though. Furthermore, make sure all of your species names are italicized in your final product. My one last suggestion, and take it with a grain of salt, is that it might be interesting to discuss the mechanism of action of the neurotoxin in a bit more depth. That's all the advice I have, keep up the great work and good luck in business/law school :) -- Victor Progar

The text looks excellent. The only things that I think could use work are the figures and references. Hotlinks to sources on each figure would help. Also, the captions should be extended to provide more detail regarding the image and how it ties into the text. It should be okay to repeat a few things between the text and the captions, as long as the full message is conveyed in each. Also, you may want to consider varying the left/right positioning of the figures on the page. It breaks up the text and makes the page look more developed. Great stuff, man. -Graeme Earle