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My first suggestion is to italicize your bacterium's name and the abbreviation of it. This can be achieved by surround the word with Bacterium within the editing phase of the page. I would also suggest to first number your references in the reference section in order to make them more obvious. Then if you do that you can use footnotes within the text body of the page instead of using parentheses. To import a footnote in the text body after you number the references is by placing this code [1] into the end of the sentence that you want to reference. The number in the code must correspond to the reference in the references section. If you do this it will hyperlink to the references in the footnote of the text body. The figures within the page are great and helpful with understanding of and corresponding to the text. I would suggest placing in a short conclusion/summary section at the end to kind of bookend the page. -Blake Calcei

This is well written. As mentioned above italics are needed and it would be helpful to have footnotes within the text. If possible it would be great to see an image depicting the life cycle of the bacterium. Also, you mention that the bacterium is found in the soil, perhaps you could briefly explain its role in the soil. Also, you briefly mention a Toxin C, is there any more information on that particular toxin? (schaala)

1. I would italicize the bacteria name anytime you mention it (including figure captions) 2. Can you expand on what the fecal-oral route is after the sentence, “The bacterial lifecycle includes the formation of dormant spores, which can be passed from individuals infected with or carrying C. difficile by fecal-oral route.” (first paragraph) 3. I would rephrase this sentence, “Since a well-known study in 1990 by Borriello et al. articulated the pathogenesis and urgency of C. difficile, this bacteria and its management has been studied extensively.” 4. I would take out “C. difficile is a strict anaerobe.” And incorporate that into the second sentence in the section “Life cycle and sporulation” 5. Need a space in between CDI and the parentheses in “…primary cause of CDI(Kelly and LaMont 2008)” in the section “Structure and Pathogenicity” 6. What do you mean by “on encoded” in the sentence, “Five genes are on encoded on the pathogenicity locus in total” 7. In the fifth paragraph of section “Clinical Presentation and Treatment” you talk about the high recurrence rate of CDI. Is this due to spore formation? Is the bacteria able to lie dormant in asymptomatic patients?

Overall, it was very informative and well-written. I just picked out little petty edits. -RR