Talk:Diagnosis and Prevention of Neisseria meningitides Induced Meningitis

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I really liked the topic you present. Especially, in the vaccine strategies section, you investigate vaccines that target outer membrane protein complexes or anti-meningococcal polysaccharidic vaccines, and I really enjoyed learning about this, since I have never heard about it. Your topic is focused, and you also do a great job in emphasizing the significance of meningitis induced by N. meningitides as far as prevention and treatment methods go. One thing I was a bit confused on is the point you make in your Introduction. I am not sure I understand what you mean by children who have lost antibodies from their mother. Do some children "lose" these antibodies while other children do not? Also, it would be nice if you labeled the figures and referred to them in your text. It would make for clearer reading from figure to text and so forth.

This topic was really interesting to learn about. I thought your introduction was really strong and did a great job of bringing up the basics of the disease. The three figures in the intro were great, but you might want to refer to them a little more closely in your text, particularly the third one that shows the mechanism by which the bacteria cause meningitis. Your three main examples were well-chosen and do a good job of portraying the complete picture of the disease, starting with the bacteria that causes it, through how the disease is diagnosed and treated, and ending with options for prevention. The order was logical and easy to follow. Is there anything more you could talk about in the detection and diagnostic techniques section? It seems just a little bit weaker than the other two. Overall, really interesting article about a huge health concern.