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In the last paragraph of the subsection titled: "Immune response to EBOV", you indicated that the EBOV causes inflammatory responses to occur within the human body. How high can the body's temperature rise from EBOV and how quickly does it rise? If the body's temperature does rise, what are the standard medicine treatments? It may be interesting to briefly compare this rise inflammatory response and rise in temperature to a more commonly known virus that can cause fevers.

Grammatical Stuff:

-1st paragraph: Hartlieb (et al. (italicize)
-last paragraph of transmission and reproduction section, create a hyperlink for the microwiki link.
-Conclusion section: Leffel (et al. (italicize)
-Create hyperlinks for all your references.
-You have an extra space between all your paragraphs and under the start of each subsection.

Overall, this was a very well written page. I like how the headings aren't too broad, it makes the page flow much more easily. I would possibly recommend a supplemental introduction paragraph, perhaps of a couple sentences with a broad summary of the virus, a phenotypic description, etc. I think this might provide a catching beginning to this page. I also think you might want to spend some time on your references section, with links to online papers when available.