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This article is very interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. The writing is very well done and the information flows smoothly. The information is very clear and easy to understand and the images are contribute a lot of substance to the article. I do feel that there may have been some more to be said on the functioning of the gp41 subunit, specifically its role in "the processing of the gp160 intermediate." Additionally, it might be nice to include some information concerning the purpose or function of the gp120 variable loops V4 and V5. Overall, this is an extremely well written and focused article and does a great job making the material easily understandable without making it dull.

-Dominic Camperchioli

I love how focused this article is; it allows it to go into a great deal of depth without becoming overwhelming, which is wonderful. And the organization and writing flow very naturally. I think my only suggestion might be that, because the information you provide is so detailed and in often technical, there might be parts of the article that would benefit from either further sub-sectioning or some kind of main point heading system that would maybe clarify a little what we're being told before we get into the meat of the text. Otherwise, though, this is a great article on a very cool and relevant topic. -Kiri Staiger