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This page provides a really good explanation of HPV. I really liked that you explained what exactly the virus is, how it develops (its life cycle), and its treatments. I think it would be helpful to have an image depicting the life cycle of HPV. Also be sure to cite within the text where you get your information.

Ya I agree! Interesting stuff! My biggest issue was that you used some words that I didn't know what they meant, like neoplasia (can you actually define that), as well as cornified squam. Are those certain types of skin cells? Do only certain people have them? It would also be helpful to have some more tables or schematics that describe the mechanisms because they can be hard to understand by just reading them. For instance maybe a table describing the job of each gene in the cancer mechanism. Also, a lot of your page doesn't have in text citations, which I think you need. Couple of grammar things: Under "Testing" "caused" is spelled wrong in the first sentence and last paragraph: "PCR process includes." Under the antiretrovirals "response" is spelled wrong as well.