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Overall your page is very organized and thorough. Figure 2 was too small for me to see clearly, although overall the captions were detailed and informative. The paragraph about the genomic qualities was a little confusing at times, but I think a little grammar editing will fix that. Other than superficial editing such as sentence structure and clarity, I thought your paper was great and I learned a lot just by reading it through a few times! -Charlotte Leblang

This is a very nice article, very informative and clear. However, is leptospirosis only caused by L. interrogans or by many different types of leptospira? I also think that perhaps Figure 2 was a little on the small side. Also I think maybe your conclusion paragraph could address more of the interesting points that you raised in your article, as it seems to focus on summarizing just the geographical paragraph right now. Overall, very interesting and well done!-Devon Donohue