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The paper overall is good and interesting. I like all the pictures but there is a lack of data shown. In your references look for graphs or figures that show something like how common certain ear diseases are or in what parts of the world so we people can see it.
The last section is really short. Maybe you could add more about the beneficial biota and talk about exactly what they do if you can find information on it.

I think this is a good paper but I would suggest numbering you references in the reference section, and if this is done then you could use footnotes instead of parenthetical citations. If you want to hyperlink a footnote to the reference section you can use this code [1] make sure you go into the edit phase of this comment to see the actual code. The number in the code must correspond to the number of the reference in the reference section. Also I would suggest numbering you figures, for example "Figure 1", and then reference this in the body text of your page. Great job otherwise. -Blake Calcei

Overall, I think this is very informative and concise. I would suggest you work a little more on your introduction and the Beneficial ear microbiota section. Good work! - Tony Amolo