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None of your figures and only three of your references are linked to where you got them from, which needs to be remedied. There is an odd sentence at the beginning of the "MuLV as a Model" section, where you mention non-existent following paragraphs. In general, the majority of your sections are singular text lumps, which hinders readability a little bit. I would reference your figures within the text, and maybe explain exactly what the Hirt procedure results mean in Figure 4 (e.g. what is the reader looking at?). Other than those rather nitpicky issues, I don't see any major issues with the content of the page. I suppose you could be more detailed about the mechanisms involved in the viral cycle. Good job. -Michael Gallaher

Good introduction, although using Wikipedia as a source there seems iffy. Links in your figures would be nice. Dividing up sections a bit more into paragraphs would be good to make easier to read. Otherwise, very detailed. - Faiza