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Good start. A couple of comments. N cycle is biogeochemical not just chemical cycle. Also add that nitrate is then converted to N2 gas and then everything repeats itself. -Kate Scow

Great start! See if you can find some key nitrogen cycle organisms on the microbewiki and create links to their pages. Then start a page for a new microbe by using the code of an existing page as a template and editing the content. Remember to cite your sources!

Irina C 21:45, 10 February 2008 (UTC)

I would suggest putting the microbes involved under each subheading. you can have nitrosomonas/nitrobacter and archaea under nitrification. Facultative anaerobes under denitr. Just mention breadth of organisms involved in immob/mineralization and why there is that breadth.

Kate Scow

For global warming, you can find lots of good links for greenhouse gases. One good one would be good. Kate Scow

Remember to cite references for your information, especially for somewhat unique info (like alternative nitrogenases) Kate Scow