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I would read through and make sure grammar is correct. There were a few instances where I think you accidentally repeated some words. You might want to put brackets around your number citations to clarify that they are references. When you are explaining the stages of reproduction you might find it helpful to refer to your figure so that the reader can connect a visual to the verbal explanation. I would also reread through this section to make sure your wording is clear. Sometimes I think referring to the fermentation stage of the brewing process as a different thing from the fermentation phase the yeast undergoes was sort of confusing. Make sure Saccharomyces cerevisiae is always italicized. The brewing process section might benefit from having a picture to help show the step by step progression of phases. Is the brewing process the exact same for top-fermenting and bottom-fermenting yeast? You may want to clarify that in the brewing section. If you have time, it might be interesting to add more about how the beers are brewed in a way that separates them from other beers (like the adding of a fruity flavor or something like that). Making the connection between the microbial brewing process and the actual brews that readers likely have experience with would make it a more relatable read. Overall, I enjoyed reading this page, and I think it’s a really cool topic to explore! [-andersonam]

Cool topic! Like andersonm said, definitely go through and check for grammar. Also adding parenthesis around your citations would make it easier for the reader. Also in your intro, there is an instance where the word "were" should be "where." As far as content, very interesting. I like how you broke it down into ales vs. lagers and contrasted the brewing and how fermentation works. It would be neat to explain more about how the different types of ales or lagers distinguish themselves from one another. For example, what part of the brewing process makes a stout different from a porter? Also, adding a picture of a CCV at a brewery would be cool. You describe the shape, and how some tanks have an open top, so a picture would be a great addition! Overall, cool page! -binkleyc