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As a pre-vet student, it was super interesting to learn about the mechanism behind Parvo, as I've seen a few cases of parvo in dogs. I think it may be helpful to define some of the medical terms used throughout the paper, especially when discussing some of the effects of parvo. Thanks for emphasizing the importance of vaccines! -Jess Kotnour


This is a super interesting topic. I appreciate your choice in focusing on a disease that is not largely known. Overall I felt that your sections were well discussed and had useful information. I would agree with Jess that identifying some of the medical terms used, especially at the beginning of the page, would be helpful to your readers. I would also reread the entire thing looking for small grammar mistakes. I occasionally noticed a plural form that was not needed or an “a” when you needed an “an”. Otherwise, here are my thoughts on each section

Introduction: you introduced your research topic well. However, because the section about symptoms or characteristics of the disease does not appear immediately after, I would include just a few basic facts about the disease in the section. Reading the inner molecular workings of the disease before the basic principles of it threw me off a little bit.

Structure and Significance: Super interesting. I appreciated how you spoke on both a large and small scale. Referring to the second paragraph, I don’t know what myocarditis and lymphopenia are. I think defining them would be helpful.

Symptoms and Mode of Transmission: I really enjoyed this section. It is strong start to finish.

New Developments in CPV-2: This information is super important to the entire research topic! I am just wondering if and what the phenotypic or symptomatic differences between the different strains are?

The rest was really great. You used understandable language and I was well informed. In these sections I appreciated that your figures represented research that helped your information within the sections. -Katie Lensmeyer