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This is a very well written and interesting page. I feel much better informed after reading it! You talked a lot about the products and benefits of yogurt bacteria. You might consider adding a little more information on the structural characteristics of these microbes that allow them to function the way they do. Other general information regarding these species and the process of fermentation might also be helpful for readers who are unfamiliar with the basics of microbiology. Additionally, I noticed that you didn't mention the importance of probiotics for women's health. Yogurt bacteria can help regulate vaginal cultures to protect against yeast infections and the like. This could be something to look into if you are interested. I really loved all of your images. They made reading your page more captivating. I might suggest linking the references on your page to the articles you read online. It's not as hard or time consuming as one might think. This would be handy for anyone using your page as a basis for conducting research of their own. Overall, great job!

The quantity and content of all the figures fit in really well with the text and are highly useful, especially in the "biochem behind yogurt" section. The figures that reported numeric data from researchers were especially useful for increased understanding of the discussion. The section I found the most interesting was the one about improving the functionality of yogurt, I did not know that there were so many considerations that went into yogurt production! Your use of a wide range of sources make for a lot of different ideas and facts that were all very interesting.
A topic that you may want to look into would be the difference between different types of yogurt...I know that there is a lot of talk about whether "greek yogurt" is healthier than just normal yogurt, and what makes its nutritional value different. Really good!!