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Overall, your microbe wiki page is extremely informative and you do a great job explaining some complicated topics, such as how the bacteria change the cell wall to avoid detection from the immune system and the different stages of the life cycle of the protist. There are no internal citations inside your page. To make sure that your sources receive proper credit for their work you should go through the paper and make your citations. There also is no discussion section. All three of your topics are explained in detail, but it would be nice to see a paragraph or two bringing all of your thoughts together at the end. You discuss T. brucei's life cycle almost exclusively. It would be interesting if you could bring in some information about other species in the Trypanosome genus. Great page though, it is evident that a lot of time and effort was put into researching Trypanosome life cycles.

Chinagozi Ugwu

Your topic on the Trypanosome Life Cycle, was very interesting and informative. It was