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<b>A Glogowski[[Microbial Biorealm]]<i>Genus </i>page authored by Student Name on a particular species</b>
<b>This Glogowski [[Microbial Biorealm]] <i>Genus </i>page authored by Student Name on a particular species</b>

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This Glogowski Microbial Biorealm Genus page authored by Student Name on a particular species


Higher order taxa

Domain; Phylum; Class; Order; family [Others may be used. Use NCBI link to find]


NCBI: Taxonomy

Genus species

Description and significance

Describe the appearance, habitat, etc. of the organism, and why you think it is important.

16S Ribosomal RNA Gene Information

Describe the size and content of the 16S Ribosome. How many genes? Other interesting features? What is known about its sequence for identification?

Cell structure and metabolism

Interesting features of cell structure; how it gains energy; what important molecules it produces.


Habitat; symbiosis; contributions to the environment.


How does this organism cause disease? Human, animal, plant hosts? Virulence factors, as well as patient symptoms.

Current Research

Enter a summary of the most recent pertinent research here--at least one.


It is required that you add at least one journal reference (in same format as the sample reference below) that corresponds to the info that you added to this page.

[Sample reference] Faller, A., and Schleifer, K. "Modified Oxidase and Benzidine Tests for Separation of Staphylococci from Micrococci". Journal of Clinical Microbiology. 1981. Volume 13. p. 1031-1035.

Edited by student of Mary Ann Glogowskiat Loyola University