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! Pathogenic
! Pathogenic
|  [[pathogenic::{{{pathogenics}}}]]
|  [[pathogenic::{{{pathogenics|}}}]]
! Mono & di-saccharides
! Mono & di-saccharides

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This is the "Microbial Phenomics Data" template. It should be called in the following format:

{{Microbial Phenomics Data
|IMG Genome ID=
|Cell shape=
|cell wall=
|biofilm formation=
|oxygen use=
|salinity preference=
|Mono & di-saccharides=
|Amino acids=
|Fatty acids=
|fermentation products=
|amino acids=
|polyalkanoates (plastics)=
|other metabolic products=
|pH minimum=
|pH optimum=
|pH maximum=
|Temperature minimum=
|Temperature optimum=
|Temperature maximum=
|NaCl minimum=
|NaCl optimum=
|NaCl maximum=
|Antibiotic sensitivity=
|Antibiotic resistant=

Edit the page to see the template text.