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{{#ask: |?Genus=Genus |?Species=Species |?Strain=Strain |?Genome size=Genome size |?%G+C=%G+C |?Other genetic characteristics=Other genetic characteristics |?Cell shape=Cell shape |?Pigments=Pigments |?Cell wall=Cell wall |?Motility=Motility |?Biofilm formation=Biofilm formation |?Oxygen use=Oxygen use |?Salinity preference=Salinity preference |?pH minimum=pH minimum |?pH optimum=pH optimum |?pH maximum=pH maximum |?Temperature minimum=Temperature minimum |?Temperature optimum=Temperature optimum |?Temperature maximum=Temperature maximum |?NaCl minimum=NaCl minimum |?NaCl optimum=NaCl optimum |?NaCl maximum=NaCl maximum |?Host=Host |?Symbiotic=Symbiotic |?Pathogenic=Pathogenic |?Disease caused=Disease caused |?Mono & di-saccharides=Mono & di-saccharides |?Polysaccharides=Polysaccharides |?Amino acids=Amino acids |?Alcohols=Alcohols |?Fatty acids=Fatty acids |?Metabolite products=Metabolite products |?Fermentation products=Fermentation products |?Polyalkanoates=Polyalkanoates |?Other metabolic product=Other metabolic product |?Antibiotic characteristics=Antibiotic characteristics |?Antibiotic sensitivity=Antibiotic sensitivity |?Antibiotic resistant=Antibiotic resistant |?Peer review ready=Peer review ready |?Peer review complete=Peer review complete |limit=500 |format={{{format}}} |template={{{template}}} }}