The Role of Giardia lamblia in Day Cares

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What is Giardia Lamblia

Scanning electron micrograph of the giardia parasite. The parasite has a hard outer shell to prolong lifespan and infect when it is triggered. CDC.

By Ifeoma Archimalo

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Legend/credit: Electron micrograph of the Ebola Zaire virus. This was the first photo ever taken of the virus, on 10/13/1976. By Dr. F.A. Murphy, now at U.C. Davis, then at the CDC.
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Transmission of the Infection

Model of the spread of the parasite. It has two parts to its life cycle, dormant cyst and trophozoite.CDC.

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Giardia binds to the inner lining of the small intestines. The more trophozoites it has, the higher the infection.University Health.

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Prevalence in Day Care Centers

Other environmental conditions play a factor in the spread Giardia lamblia. Poor hygiene and sanitation are frequent ways the parasite is spread. Santos et al. in 2012.

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Testing and Treatment



Authored for BIOL 238 Microbiology, taught by Joan Slonczewski, 2017, Kenyon College.